Nothing Fields

In March 2011, when Daghdha Dance Company closed down  and ceased its activity in Limerick, I announced that we would take Daghdha to the world, we would go viral and spread everywhere we can. Just over a year later a piece of Daghdha re-emerges in Helsinki, Finland as The Nothing Fields will be presented in Galleria Augusta, on the beautiful island of Suomenlinna, on May 11th.

The Nothing Fields is a concept by Daghdha’s former artistic director Michael Kliën and very much a product of the kind of synergy that went on at the church in John Square while Michael was in charge of the space. I had the opportunity to witness the Nothing Fields at the 2009 Gravity&Grace festival and immediately experience a strong connection with the work, reinforced by the participation as a dancer in the following version of the Fields, at the 2010 G&G. This time, with Michael’s blessing, I will curate the three-hour long afternoon, trying to help the dancers through this unique non-choreographic experience. An amazing group of performers will partner with me in this effort: Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni, Riikka Theresa Innanen (a former Daghdha Mentoring Program participant like myself), Jyrki Haapala, Sanna Myllylahti, Satu Rekola and Lucy Suggate (also a former DMP and a performer in the previous two renditions of the Nothing Fields).

It goes without saying that I am terribly excited about this project and hope you will attend the event or, if that was not possible, you will follow the Nothing Fields in Helsinki on the Helsinki Meeting Point blog.

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