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I am an italian dancer and dance maker based in Helsinki, Finland. I hold a BA in dance and choreography, from the School for New Dance Development, a department of the Amsterdam Theaterschool and have worked since 1993 as a dancer and a choreographer around Europe.

My views on dance and performance in general, are mainly shaped by the encounters with Susan Rethorst, Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton and Micheal Klein. Also Body Mind Centering, Alexander technique and contact improvisation have played major roles in defining my approach on movement, both as a performer and a teacher.

Improvisation has been my main interest and influence in my work and it has been part of many of the projects I have been involved throughout my career, making me one of the leading figure in the improvisation scene in Helsinki.

For instance I am one of the co-founder of the group RIO – Real Time Orchestra, which focused its activity on practice, research and performance of instant composition between 2003 and 2009.

Since January 2006 I have been organizing and curating The Helsinki Meeting Point, a multidisciplinary improvisation event whose main purpose is to cultivate unlimited free improvisation in Helsinki. I am also the founder and artistic leader of Liquid Quartet, a dance and music improvisation ensemble focused on re-imagining the relationship between dancers and musicians on stage. The group consisting of two dancers and two musicians is active since 2013.

My latest work “Obvious Unexpected”, a duet performance in collaboration with dance artist Vera Lapitskaya, premiered in Höyhentämö Teatteri in Helsinki in February 2018.