Something Possibly Entertaining

A user-friendly, self-explanatory and straightforward piece of stand-up dance, some would even say axiomatic. It is dance made comprehensible to the ordinary person. It’s unfussy, unpretentious and uncomplicated, yet educational and illuminating. It will demystify and make fun of dance, at the same time revealing how uniquely remarkable it actually is.

“Something possibly entertaining” is a solo performance, which includes humour, language and dance, and a direct and straightforward communication with the audience. The solo can be defined as a piece of stand-up dance, where humour and wit are used to make dance accessible to any audience, almost trying to explain what dance is. Though most of the text used is ad-libbed, it is addressing why dance can be so distant and difficult to “understand” to a non-educated audience.
This is combined with movement material produced from a place of receptive streaming, a place where one is able to recognize, identify and appreciate the moment and the elements that form it.
The mix makes for an engaging, always different and fresh, entertaining performance.

This work presents a new and different approach to dance. It demystifies and makes fun of dance, at the same time revealing how uniquely remarkable it actually is. It also mixes dance with stand-up comedy in an original way and addresses the role of dance and the dancer in society, trying to take both out of the elite corner in which they presently stand.

duration approx. 20min.

Previously shown at:
· Daghdha Space, Limerick Ireland, 10 (premiere), 11, 18 September 2010
· Connections Festival, Aarhus, Denmark, 6,9 April 2011
· PER FORMA, Cirko, Helsinki, 3,4 June 2011.
· Tanssia Tyrkyllä-festivaali, Oulu, 16 September 2011
· Yksin Sateessa? -festivaali, Joensuu, 23 November 2011