Who needs another solo?

Making a solo piece is probably just another expression of an egotistical mind, yet in dance a solo is the easiest marketable product. Nevertheless, whether the motivation is ego or the market, I’ve been feeling the urge to get again into the studio by myself, after those days in Daghdha, and let some ideas flow, brew and breed. Thinking about it, some of the ideas actually originated from the work done during the Daghdha residency, something that had remained unaccomplished.

“When I dance I know something I don’t know when I don’t dance, and only when I dance I have access to that knowledge”

My last solo finished with these words, after twenty minutes of stand-up dance, starting from the question ‘why do I dance?’. I would like to begin this new solo from this very same statement.

What is this knowledge I was talking about?
Can it be verbalized or can it be expressed only as movement?
Is the desire to obtain this knowledge that brought me again and again to the dance studio at the beginning of my career?
What is this knowledge good for in the end of the day?

This and other semi-serious questions will be part of the process and eventually of the show, attempting an insight into how and what a dancing body thinks, using a combination of humour, emotional distress and sudden solemnity.

Amongst all the bits I will find on the way, I anticipate the work to also feature:

  • Manipulation of audience expectations, emotions and reactions.
  • The temptation to draw narrative and philosophycal conclusions.
  • Puzzling conversations with oneself
  • A man hitting the same spot over and over.
  • A love song.

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