You Know It Only When You’re There

When I dance I know something I don’t know when I don’t dance, something only the dancing body understands”

In this solo, together with oud player Moritz Cartheuser, I am entering a space of discovery, intuitive knowledge and stream of consciousness. I am looking for the transformative experience of performing, for the potential of dance as a way to access and expand knowledge about our existence.
At the same I urgently call to look at dance beyond what is aesthetic or entertainment: dance not as representation, but as a performative act, in which the artists and the audience share a global dynamic. How does sensory motor understanding inform us about our socially and environmentally situation as dynamic beings?

Concept – Giorgio Convertito
Choreography – Giorgio Convertito in collaboration with Terhi Vaimala
Set Design – Egle Oddo
Light Design – Ville Aunola
On stage – Giorgio Convertito (dance) Moritz Cartheuser (electric guitar and effects)

Oulu, 28,29.11.2014
Helsinki, 18,19,20.9.2015

The work was supported by Taiteen Edistamiskeskus and Jojo – Oulun Tanssin Keskus