More on improvisation.

The other day the conversation touched the subject of training improvisation, or teaching improvisation if you look it from the other point of view. It made me think that during several years of practicing improvisation, I have put a lot of focus on the choice making process, building up tools and skills to inform and expand my choices in the (instant) compositional effort.

Lately I more and more find myself looking for a place where “I have no choices”, where I have the clear feeling of what has to be done in order to support and sustain the dance. In that place the choices are somehow inevitable and necessary, or imperative if you like. Creativity or compositional skills seem no longer needed, while what seems to be paramount is to have fine awareness and appreciation of the moment. In that place I am not the governor of the dance, but rather its servant, I am permeable, transparent.

So what is the practice needed to develop and mature awareness and appreciation? Is this something that can be taught?

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