A step closer.

“Being possessed by (…) timelessness, spacelessness, forgetfulness (…) is permanent and total satisfaction of our desire” – Mark Patrick Hederman, Manikon Eros.

In a couple of my previous posts I mentioned how I try to become transparent when I make a dance, to become a vessel for the dance to unfold. It is not a case of relinquishing control of the dance, stepping into another state of consciousness or do just whatever comes. It is rather reaching a heightened state of awareness to get to a place where whatever choice is the best possible choice.

I feel as all the time spent in studying and teaching the notions and compositional skills concerning time and space in dance has finally landed me in a place where time and space don’t matter anymore. Or rather these are no longer external elements to be controlled or manipulated to reach a certain objective of excellence. Therefore timelessness as when there is no fast or slow, but only being in time, being in the moment; spacelessness as when everything becomes part of the dance, all spaces are included; forgetfulness as surrendering of the ego and letting the self be placed right “on top” of what I am doing.

For a while now, I have come to realize that I dance because it is the only way to access a certain kind of knowledge. To put it simply, when I dance I know something I don’t know when I don’t dance. Perhaps one step close to achieving “total satisfaction of desire”.

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